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Long Play: My Morning Jacket - 'It Still Moves'

As part of the ongoing Long Play series, opbmusic is playing selections from My Morning Jacket’s 2003 release, It Still Moves, all day throughout the broadcast on Tuesday, August 9th.

It Still Moves by My Morning Jacket

It Still Moves by My Morning Jacket

In late spring, My Morning Jacket released a reissue of their 2003 album It Still Moves. Front man Jim James’ reasoning for the seemingly random timing of this reissue was that he felt the album was unfinished at the time of its original roll out. Unfinished or not, It Still Moves was the band’s first major-label debut and a landmark album for the band that helped solidify their eclectic, reverb-drenched sound.

Although It Still Moves was not the first album to feature a spacious, ethereal sound in indie rock music, it did bring this sonic approach to the forefront of the genre. Groups like Band of Horses and Lord Huron are a testament to the lasting influence and power of this record.

In addition to remixed and remastered versions of songs like “One Big Holiday,” “Golden,” and “Mahgeetah,” the reissue of It Still Moves also features the demos of all of the original tracks and three new songs from the Louisville-based rock band.

In light of this, we’re playing selections from the album at opbmusic all day – Tuesday, August 9th.

At the time of its release, NPR’s Tom Moon aptly summarized the album’s nature:

“Where most rock records these days are relentlessly brittle, [Jim James’] is lush and warm, with echoey reverb blurring those lead vocals into the middle of the mix. Even when the words are hard to puzzle out, you can’t miss the feeling. This guy is gunning for something grand and majestic. He might not get there every time, but you follow him all the same because it’s been awhile since anyone even tried.” -Tom Moon, NPR. Nov. 3, 2003

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