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Long Play: Spoon - Gimme Fiction

As part of our ongoing Long Play series, opbmusic is playing selections from Spoon’s album Gimme Fiction all day throughout the broadcast on Tuesday, December 15.

2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga may have been Spoon‘s first truly commercially successful album, but its predecessor, Gimme Fiction, marked the Austin band’s creative breakout and established the group as one of indie rock’s most consistent performers. Gimme Fiction turns 10 this month and a deluxe reissue of the album from Merge Records hits the streets this week.

In celebration of this milestone, we’re playing selections from the album throughout the broadcast at opbmusic all day — Tuesday, December 15.

Although Gimme Fiction documents Spoon’s giant creative leap forward, the album’s legacy goes beyond critical acclaim and the adoration of the band’s fanbase. Tracks like “I Turn My Camera On” and “My Mathematical Mind” have been used in TV productions and was featured in soundtracks for the films Stranger Than Fiction, Wedding Crashers, and 500 Days of Summer. It also served as a breakout of sorts for the band’s drummer and producer of the album, Jim Eno. Eno has gone on to work as a successful producer with other bands like Heartless Bastards and !!!, as well as curating the SXSW session series, The Jim Eno Sessions, in conjunction with Spotify.

 Upon its release in 2005, critic Greg Kot wrote this about Gimme Fiction:

With his nasal-drip singing and spazzed-out guitar playing, Spoon’s Britt Daniel oozes hipster cool. On Gimme Fiction, his Austin band builds on the tension-breeding sparseness of 2002’s acclaimed Kill the Moonlight. Strings swoon, falsetto voices sigh, and counterpoint piano lines glide. Yet nothing sounds fussy, which is why songs like ”Sister Jack” and ”The Beast and Dragon, Adored” come off as casual indie-pop classics-to-be.

Indie-pop classics-to-be indeed.

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