From the streets to the studios, Megan McGeorge has been a fixture of the Portland music scene for the better part of a decade.

McGeorge is the founder and driving force behind Piano. Push. Play., a nonprofit that creates pop-up sidewalk piano installations around the city. She’s also recorded and played with Ancient Heat and solo as LEO. But with her latest album, the October release “Woman In My Head,” the multi-instrumentalist chose to perform under her real name, Megan Diana. The album, which includes a guest appearance by Esperanza Spalding on the standout track “Nightride” and an older favorite called “Stopping To Start” that’s been a staple of the opbmusic broadcast for several years, is both a beautifully recorded pop album and a loving tribute to important women who’ve impacted McGeorge’s life.

“Viceroy” is not on that record, but it’s just as engaging and we’re proud to premiere it today here at opbmusic. A Mac DeMarco cover, the song was recorded by Sacha Müller at Dead Aunt Thelma’s in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland (the same studio that inspired the greatest impromptu Lady Gaga photo shoot in Oregon history). The single has McGeorge on keys, horn, and vocals and features rhythm contributions from Korgy and Bass, one of Portland’s most innovative acts.

You can catch a special performance from Megan Diana on Dec. 11 at Alberta Rose Theater in Portland where her 4 piece band will be joined by a mini orchestra. The entire album, “Woman In My Head,” will be performed by 15 musicians onstage accompanied by ASL interpretation. Haley Johnsen is the opening act.