Michael Mackay Valentine/Courtesy of the artist

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where each week we showcase new music debuting on the opbmusic broadcast. This week, it’s an (unsettlingly upbeat) new song from Dirty Projectors, and new work from two acts based in Portland: the artist Whim, and chamber rock band Other Lives. 

Dirty Projectors - “Overlord”

The Skinny: This song from Brooklyn band Dirty Projectors features new vocalist Maia Friedman, who joined the group for their last tour and shares songwriting credit with founding member David Longstreth. The band’s penchant for angular melodies and start-stop rhythms takes a backseat here to warm production and vocals, and a cheerful song about the surveillance society.

Release Date: No new album has been announced yet.

PNW Tour Dates: None announced.

Whim - “Oh Society”

The Skinny: Whim is the solo project of Portland artist Sarah Isabella DiMuzio. “Oh Society” is an observation about people looking to others to fill what they’re missing, with an irrepressible piano-based chorus.

Release Date: New album ‘Abuzz in the Abyss’ will be released this spring on Portland label Fluff & Gravy.

PNW Tour Dates: None announced.

Other Lives - “Hey Hey”

The Skinny: With surging layers of vocals, piano, strings and percussion, “Hey Hey” is about stirring to awareness and resistance. After releasing a pair of spacious and cinematic albums in the early 2010s, Other Lives’ core trio of Jesse Tabish, Jonathon Mooney, and Josh Onstott all relocated from the big-sky plains of Stillwater, Oklahoma to greener Portland. The A-frame studio in the video to “Hey Hey” looks like it could be on Mt. Hood or the Tillamook National Forest.

Release Date: New album ‘For Their Love’ will be released April 20.

PNW Tour Dates: None announced.