Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter Rostam Batmanglij

Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter Rostam Batmanglij

Courtesy of the artist

Each week, the Monday Mix showcases three new songs from the opbmusic broadcast. This week we feature the solo debut of one of indie rock’s heavy hitters, a Canadian crooner and one of Portland’s rising stars.

Rostam - Don’t Let it Get to You

Rostam Batmanglij was the guitarist and producer behind the first three Vampire Weekend albums, before leaving the band to continue his solo career last year. “Don’t Let it Get to You” is from Rostam’s debut solo album “Half Light.” The crunchy percussion and Mellotron strings will be instantly familiar to fans of his work in Vampire Weekend. Rostam also wears his Paul Simon influences on his sleeve, in an uplifting, catchy song.

Haley Heynderickx - Oom Sha La La

Hayley Heynderickx has been making waves in Portland for some time now and is poised to take on the rest of the country. Her new song, “Oom Sha La La” is a relatable song about self-reflection with a doo-wop backing chorus you’re hard-pressed not to sing along with before it descends into a dissonant finish. The arrangement is minimal and satisfyingly low-end heavy.

Note: opbmusic also featured the song in October’s Heavy Rotation on NPR Music. Haley Heynderickx’ debut album arrives in early 2018.

The Deep Dark Woods - Fallen Leaves

Saskatoon, Canada’s own, The Deep Dark Woods pack about as much mournfulness as possible into every word. Vintage-sounding country organs and guitars glisten while singer Ryan Boldt croons the story of a deceased lover. The accompanying music video is an appropriately stark visual representation of the song’s loneliness. The Deep Dark Woods’ upcoming album “Yarrow” comes out Oct. 27.