"Cinema" by songwriter Skylar Gudasz

“Cinema” by songwriter Skylar Gudasz

Courtesy of the artist

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where we showcase new music just added to the opbmusic broadcast. This week, we highlight the return of a legendary L.A. punk band, a tranquil folk-rock song, and an alt-power-pop jam.

X - ‘Alphabetland’

The Skinny: Legendary Los Angeles Punk outfit X have dropped their first new album featuring the original four members in almost 35 years. The band was formed during the start of the Carter administration. And while much has changed since then, sonically, they haven’t. The title track, “Alphabetland” is a three-minute-long trip back in time, reminding us that this once ostracized style of music has gone on to influence so many of the bands filling our playlists today.

Skylar Gudasz - ‘Femme Fatale’

The Skinny: “Femme Fatale” is a sterling mix of tranquility and dreamy melody, but layered in the music is a subversively dark lyrical element. It’s all delivered perfectly by Gudasz whose powerful voice doesn’t force itself on you, but instead hugs you in a warm embrace.

Liza Anne - ‘Bad Vacation’

The Skinny: On her new song “Bad Vacation,” the Georgia native and longtime Nashville resident Liza Anne finds lyrical inspiration in her life’s transitions. She references everything from her childhood evangelical roots to a recent break-up. “I was on a bender for emotional safety not knowing that I could be my own healing space,” Liza said in a press release. All of this is delivered with an alt-power-pop musical arrangement with hints of a new wave groove.