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Needle Drop: Rebecca Gates & the Consortium's 'The Float'

It’s been eleven years since Rebecca GatesRuby Series was released, significant for the fact that it might remind some of us of our age and the march of time, yes, but also because that was the last time we heard from the former Spinanes singer in record form.

Oh, she’s been plenty busy in the interim. Musically, she’s lent her familiar voice to a project here and there, and has more recently released a couple of songs with The Consortium (their version of “Four Sticks” appeared on the all-local double album tribute to Led Zeppelin, From the Land of Ice and Snow, and an impossibly smooth take on the Cool’R song “Dangerous” saw the light of day thanks to Jackpot! Recording’s Jackpot! Covers Portland series). She’s also spent her time wrapped up in a head-spinning number of creative endeavors, curating art exhibitions to giving lectures to working with artist advocacy groups. 

But finally, at long last, The Float arrives this week, boasting several locales, studios and personnel, but hardly sounding like it has so much mileage. The recording is out officially today via Parcematone and 12xu, and the Portland release show happens tomorrow night (Wednesday) at Holocene while Seattle gets theirs Friday at the Sunset Tavern. As she mentions in the interview, Gates will also be moderating the June 24th panel discussion Making Change: Portland Muscians on the Economy and Community as part of the PICA symposium Bodies, Identities and Alternative Economies.

Rebecca Gates joins us to catch us up on what she’s been up to and talk about the story of the new album, while introducing a handful of its songs. Listen below…


Needle Drop interview

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