Courtesy of the artist

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where each week we highlight standout songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast. This week’s batch is an all-local affair, with new tracks from Portland psych-pop outfit The Minders, rock band Contra Party and electropop group TENTS.

The Minders - “Detective Of Crime”

The Skinny: This long-running project led by vocalist and songwriter Martyn Leaper released an impressive comeback album in 2016’s “Into The River.” Since then, Leaper and company have kept busy with a string of catchy one-off singles. This 1960s psych rock-influenced song is the latest.

Release Date: “Detective Of Crime” was released on Nov. 1 via Portland label Space Cassette Records. A full-length release is expected in early 2020.

Upcoming PNW shows: No shows scheduled at the moment.

TENTS - “Cashmere”

The Skinny: TENTS released a promising debut record in 2018 that included one of my favorite songs of the year (listen to “Lilly“). The band, who describe their music as “comfort pop,” have quickly followed that effort up with a sophomore album. It’s a much more polished recording, but as the song “Cashmere” proves, they haven’t lost their knack for writing infectious pop music.

Release Date: The album “Medicine” was released via Badman Recording Co. on Oct. 11.

Upcoming PNW Shows: TENTS perform along with Cataldo and Nyles Lannon at Holocene in Portland on Dec. 4.

Contra Party - “7 Hours”

The Skinny: Contra Party is a new band with members based in both Los Angeles and Portland. Equal parts grimy shoegaze and ‘90s Northwest rock, this short and sneakily catchy song is the first track available from the band’s debut record.

Release Date: The group’s self-released album “Over Your Shoulder” is out Jan. 17.

Upcoming PNW Shows: No shows scheduled at the moment.