Every Monday, opbmusic’s Monday Mix showcases three songs featured on our online broadcast. This week, we highlight an instrumental track from the local experimental group 1939 Ensemble, a song from Austrian pop duo Leyya and a new single from Denton, Texas, artist Claire Morales.

1939 Ensemble - “Wolves”

Portland’s own 1939 Ensemble rides a wave of guitar, drums and xylophone on “Wolves.” The three-minute 14-second track features hints of jazz and surf rock without any vocals, and its melodic direction makes it easy to follow into with its crests and falls. 1939 Ensemble has a new album “New Cinema” due out Aug. 17. 

Leyya - “Wannabe”

Austrian duo Leyya wants to tease you.”Wannabe,” features a pulsating, danceable beat. But unlike other pop tracks, “Wannabe” never dives into a heavy bass drop. The song teases sonic growth, but just as the chorus comes it pulls back. That doesn’t mean this song isn’t a fun listen. Its pared down production and industrial flourishes are a little reminiscent of early Lorde songs. 

Claire Morales - “All That Wanting”

Claire Morales has one of those voices that are popular among indie-rock songwriters these days — melodic, sometimes warbly and powerful — but the control Morales exercises over her pipes is something else entirely. In “All That Wanting,” Morales’ voice surges with electricity over gritty guitar. When she goes deep, it sounds vengeful. But there’s also a delicateness to it, an almost operatic sound to her vowels. “All that wanting,” she sings, drawing out the As.