opbmusic’s Monday Mix features three new songs debuting on the broadcast each week. This time, we highlight a Chemical Brothers remix of a Beth Orton cover, a single from Brooklyn-based Howard and Australian pop artist Emma Louise’s “Wish You Well.”

Beth Orton And The Chemical Brothers - “I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain”

Beth Orton and the Chemical Brothers covered a Tim Buckley song two decades ago. And then somewhere along the way, the recording was lost in a loft in London. That was until recently when Orton found it forgotten between the pages of a book. She released the collaboration on June 1. “I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain” features some of the same psych-rock foundations as the original song. But there’s a Chemical Brothers influence in the cover’s large musical break where Orton’s voice rises above tingling distorted cymbals as if she were crying out.

Howard - “Your Honor”

Brooklyn band Howard gets a little geeky on the single “Your Honor.” Vocalist Howard Feilbusch rambles about his failed attempts at romance over fuzzed-up guitars and synth. He balances these instrumentals with a heady metaphor, declaring the woman he admires a judge staring down at him. The music video for “Your Honor” adds a little treat to the song with the addition of smooth dinner party music and paper cutouts. But that doesn’t make the song any less catchy or relatable in its endearing premise.

Emma Louise - “Wish You Well”

Australian pop-artist Emma Louise doesn’t immediately come across as herself in the break-up track “Wish You Well.” Her voice is pitched down, almost to the point where it sounds like a man is singing. This technique, called “audio drag” gives the soft pop song a new complexity that it might not have had with Louise’s usual soprano. “There she dreams, dreaming all the dreams I used to dream,” she sings, her voice a lush tenor.