The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers

Courtesy of the artist/Ebru Yildiz

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where each week we highlight standout songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast.

New Pornographers - “The Surprise Knock” 

The Skinny: The new New Pornographers actually sounds a lot like the old New Pornographers. It’s catchy as hell. “I thought enough time has passed that I feel like I can play songs that sort of sound like a classic sound and not feel like I’m repeating myself,” says co-lead singer A.C. Newman in the press release for the band’s new album.  

Release Date: “In the Morse Code of Brake Lights” came out on  Sept. 27 via Concord Records.  

Tour Date: The bands plays Roseland Theater along with Diane Coffee in Portland on Jan. 31st, 2020.

Overcoats - “The Fool”

The Skinny: “The Fool” is a wonderfully-produced (and oxymoronic) mix of modern and throwback synth sounds topped off with unmistakably human passion behind the lyrical content.

Release Date: The single came out on Sept. 5, but a new full-length on Loma Vista is TBA.

Tour Date: Nothing local at the moment.

Steve Lacy - “Playground”

The Skinny: Steve Lacy’s (The Internet) new single is a bass slappin’ funk love song with all kinds of quirky twists and turns.

Release Date: The record “Apollo XXI” came out in May of this year.

Tour Date: Lacey performs at Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon along with Kari Faux on Oct. 22.

MAITA - “Japanese Waitress”

The Skinny: Led by songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler, Portland rock band MAITA just recently signed to venerable indie rock label Kill Rock Stars. “Japanese Waitress” comes from their forthcoming record, “Best Wishes.”

Release Date: The single is out now. The album is planned for a 2020 release.

Tour Date: MAITA plays in Portland, Oregon with Tents at Bunk Bar on Oct. 17.