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opbmusic Playlist: Music For A Rainy Day

Reza Shayestehpou/CC

Oregonians aren’t bad at small talk, they just don’t have much to say about the weather (unless it’s snowing). You see, it rains a lot in Oregon. Something pretty unusual has to happen before people start to remark on just how wet it is outside.

That time has come.

For most of the state, this December was the rainiest month on record. In Portland, where opbmusic is located, the monthly record was shattered with 10 days left on the calendar. In fact, its raining right now.

With that in mind, we asked our friend Matt Fleeger, Programming Director at KMHD Jazz Radio, to guest curate a special rainy day playlist for opbmusic listeners. We hope this mix gets you through the rainy days to come. And maybe, just maybe, you can start a casual conversation with a stranger about it.

opbmusic playlist music for a rainy day rain

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