After the recent end of a long-term relationship, songwriter Scott Oliphant was a self-described mess. In search of catharsis, he bought an old veterinarian’s office in his hometown of Bend, Oregon, converted the space into a recording studio (Parkway Sounds), and poured himself into his music.

“It was an incredibly tough time,” admits Oliphant, who fronts the band The Color Study. “I was living in my recording studio while trying to figure out which end was up. I threw myself into making something instead of passing the time doing what I was doing which was not very productive or healthy.”

The result of this turbulent period is a new self-titled record due out later this year. But you can hear the album’s first single, “Without,” right now here at opbmusic. It’s a lush and surprisingly bright sounding psych pop song punctuated by a cacophony of horns, sing along choruses, and ramshackle rhythms.

The Color Study perform on May 31 in Bend, OR at Brown Owl.