In January, NPR Music began accepting submissions for their 3rd annual Tiny Desk Contest, a competition designed to help uncover musical talent. Unsigned musicians were instructed to use/find/borrow or improvise a desk of some kind, roll video, and play their most compelling (original) song.

A panel of 10 judges that included Phish frontman Trey Anastasio poured through a little over 6,000 entries. When the dust settled, a unanimous winner was selected— Tank And The Bangas. The New Orleans-based group will now get to play an actual Tiny Desk concert at NPR later this year as well as a string of other shows that are part of nationwide tour sponsored by Lagunitas.

Of those thousands of entries, over 400 came from the Pacific Northwest. You can play all of the submissions from the Oregon, Washington, and Idaho by exploring our interactive map.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

Haley Heynderickx (from Portland, Oregon) - “The Bug Collector”

Emily Donohue (from Seattle, WA) - “Emerald City Love”

Ezra Bell (from Portland, Oregon) - “The Aisle’s Either Side”

Steve Fulton Music (from Boise, Idaho) - “Along For The Ride”

Isabeau Waia’u Walker (from Oregon City, Oregon) - “YoungBlood”

Anna Hoone (from Portland, Oregon) - “Montana”

St. Paul de Vence (from Bainbridge Island, Washington) - “Spring”

Family Mansion (from Portland, Oregon) - “Solitary Art”

Wall of Ears (from Seattle, WA) - “Mind Moves”

The Brothers Reed (from Ashland, Oregon) - “Hey Old Man”

Michael Smith (from Portland, Oregon) - “Mistaken”

Eric Couto (from Seattle, Washington) - “Muhammad Ali”

Nat Lefkoff (from Olympia, Washington) - “Momma”