Every Monday we highlight three new songs hitting the airwaves/electrons on opbmusic, starting this edition with an earworm from Nashville “gothic blues” artist Adia Victoria.

Adia Victoria - “Dope Queen Blues”

Adia Victoria’s rumination on the “hazy, wild, debaucherous times” of her youth is so slick, it might make you want to hop in a time machine and join her. The track exudes a cool-kid irreverence through the dystopian lens of hindsight. And, in the video, a noose. Victoria teamed up with Aaron Dessner (the National) when the track seemed like it “wasn’t bad enough or hitting hard enough.” The result? Gritty piano strikes intrigue early on, and it all builds to a revelrous cacophony featuring the sax. Check it out and be ready to press repeat.

Tune-Yards - “Coast to Coast (U.S. Girls neverlearn2saygoodbye Mix)”

Tune-Yards is the brainchild of Canadian artist Merrill Garbus, whose wildly eclectic music was born in a labor of love and GarageBand. This fall, Garbus teams up with U.S. Girls’ Meg Remy for a U.S. tour, and they’ve also re-mixed each other’s work, in textural tracks that beg for headphone listening. Catch them live at the Roseland in Portland on Oct. 22.

Molly Burch - “Candy”

“Candy” is the lead single from Molly Burch’s sophomore LP, “First Flower.” The track radiates a refreshed retro vibe, with Burch’s vocal oscillating between controlled theatrics and nostalgic dream pop. Think she’s referencing a lover? Quite the opposite. “Candy” is actually a reflection on her addictive relationship to anxiety and creative self-doubt “wrapped up in a sweet pop song.” See her at Portland’s Polaris Hall on Oct. 29.