Ages and Ages - “Just My Luck”

As January wrapped, Portland duo Tim Perry and Rob Oberdorfer of Ages and Ages shared their latest single, “Just My Luck.” It’s the first track from their upcoming album, “Me You They We,” set to release on April 5. In a statement, Perry says that the song ruminates on “tripping through this mass of cliches, searching for something less disappointing and predictable.” With form following function, the track’s piano bounces along with a cheerfully mundane sensibility, until it breaks for a synth solo that plunges you into the fresh air of the unpredictable. You can catch them at the Doug Fir on April 26.

Craig Finn - “Blankets”

Craig Finn has built his career on creating vignettes through song — snapshots of characters encountered or imagined. “Blankets,” the lead single from his latest album, “I Need a New War,” is no exception. It’s a conversational tune —with a haunting bit of harmonica echoing throughout — best enjoyed by firelight. “I Need a New War” drops on April 26 with Partisan Records.

Girlpool - “Pretty”

After meeting as teenagers, Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad began collaborating as Girlpool, a partnership that has given them a safe space to mature and grow both personally and professionally, supporting each other through Tucker’s recent transition and Tividad’s struggle with mental health. The band writes in a press statement that the “group’s maturation [is] transparently attached to the maturation of its members.” The song “Pretty” comes fresh off their new record, “What Chaos is Imaginary,” which is out now. For this record, they learned to embrace each member’s unique talents in writing solo, draw from former work, and piece together a record that encapsulates both past and present. A little bit shoegaze, a little bit indie pop and altogether compelling.