Jessica Pratt

Jessica Pratt

Guillaume Belvez/Courtesy of the artist

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where each week we highlight three songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast.

Aldous Harding - “The Barrel”

New Zealand singer-songwriter Aldous Harding’s new single, “The Barrel” begins with a subtle guitar lullaby that sets up a truly charming tune. And while Harding’s playful voice is in a dreamlike state throughout the song, the lyrics have a surprisingly dark undertone. As she told NPR Music, the track deals with the “finality of commitment” and how one can still “unfortunately [be] filled with a lot of doubt and distrust.” The combination of ambient instrumentation, soothing vocals, and poetic lyrics has resulted in a truly mesmerizing song. “The Barrel” is off of Harding’s forthcoming LP “Designer,” which is set to drop on April 26.

Lambchop - “Everything For You”

Lambchop is back after a three-year hiatus to take us on yet another weird and wonderful musical trip. With vocals that were distorted through a vocoder, Kurt Wagner has cleverly infused the simplicity of a piano with a club DJ mix and the pacing of a ballad to create something truly original. Wagner describes the song, “Everything For You,” as “a collection of imperfections on the road to a better day.” This track is from the band’s fourteenth album since 1994. The new record, titled “This (is what I wanted to tell you),” will be released on March 22.

 Jessica Pratt - “This Time Around”

From the album “Quiet Signs” comes this appropriately quiet song by the California-based musician Jessica Pratt. “This Time Around” is out of the school of thought that less is more and is carried along by a very simple, but beautiful, acoustic guitar chord progression. But don’t worry—you won’t miss the usual bells and whistles, as Pratt’s vocal talent takes center stage here. In this sweetly dark song with mysterious lyrics, Pratt’s ghostly voice almost summons the listener from down a dark hallway. “Quiet Signs” is out now.