Big Thief

Big Thief

Michael Buishas/Courtesy of the artist

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where each week we highlight three songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast.

Big Thief - “UFOF”

“To my UFO friend, goodbye goodbye” Adrianne Lenker croons on “UFOF,” the first single to be released from Big Thief’s upcoming third album. The song is reminiscent of Radiohead’s frenetic “Jigsaw Falling Into Place,” with an instantly gripping guitar and percussion introduction. Like much of Big Thief’s earlier material, the track is subtly affective, sneaking and settling into a sacred space in the back of your mind. Never one to shy away from interesting narratives, Lenker’s protagonist is a poet here, singing an ode to an alien loved one (whether literal or metaphorical). Highlights also include drummer James Krivchenia’s excellent percussion throughout, as well as an unusual vocal solo between the final two choruses. The full-length album, “U.F.O.F.,” is out via 4AD on May 3.

Hatchie - “Without a Blush”

“Without A Blush” is the first track to be released from Hatchie’s first full-length album, “Keepsake,” expected out on June 21. At only 25, singer Harriette Pilbeam is a natural songwriter, with a special ability for writing catchy hooks, who exploded onto the scene last May with her group’s dreamy five-track EP, “Sugar & Spice.” On this single, she has stripped away the dreamy reverb and double-tracked vocals found on previous songs and left in all of the edge with an industrial inspired sound. It’s as if she’s dropped the sugar but kept the spice. You can catch Hatchie live at the Wonder Ballroom on April 11.

Tacocat - “Grains of Salt” 

Known for touring with a high-powered bubble machine and an attitude, Seattle’s Tacocat is one of the most entertaining and fun bands you’ll ever see live. So it might be a little surprising to hear vocalist Emily Nokes ponder the question “Who’s anxiety is this you’ve been trying on?” on the new song “Grains of Salt.” Order is quickly restored when a backup vocalist responds with the chorus of “Everyone else’s, everyone else’s, everyone else’s, yeah!” The song feels like a big party, cautioning us to drop our anxieties and reminding us to celebrate ourselves. Tacocat’s fourth full-length album release, “This Mess Is A Place,” is due out via Sub Pop Records on May 3.