The Dodos

The Dodos

Chloe Aftel

Each week, the Monday Mix features three new songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast. This time we highlight tracks from Punch Brothers, The Dodos and Caroline Rose.

Caroline Rose - ‘Bikini’

In the video for “Bikini,” Caroline Rose expertly employs the satire that is also quickly becoming her sonic signature. The catchy song is laced with both manic joy and a keen producer’s ear. It’s a lot to take in. Some might find her influences odd, ranging from ‘70s punk to Justin Timberlake. But perhaps it’s simply the result of coming of age during the era of digital music, which gave a generation unparalleled exploration and access to discover the sounds that suited them, no matter the genre. Whatever it is, her stated wish for “[Gandalf to] part the seas” to success isn’t necessary. Her production chops, vocal confidence, and wit are more than enough. Rose’s album, “Loner,” is out now.

The Dodos - ‘Forum’

“Forum” is the first single from “Certainty Waves,” the forthcoming album by The Dodos (Meric Long and Logan Kroeber). The album, set to release on Oct. 12, marks a period of artistic revelation and evolution from the duo. On their bandcamp page, Long reflects that “‘Certainty Waves’ is our midlife crisis record … Who we thought we were, how mistaken we were, how an interference in the trajectory can flip your understanding of what came before.” Once strictly defined by a combination of acoustic guitar and driving percussion, this album sets their creative conscious as their guide. Catch them Oct. 26 at Star Theater in Portland to check out the result.

Punch Brothers - ‘Jumbo’

The song “Jumbo” from Punch Brothers’ recently released and self-produced album “All Ashore” certainly pulls no punches. The group is led by mandolinist and former MacArthur “genius grant” winner Chris Thile, who public radio fans may also know as the host of “Live From Here.” “Jumbo” blends smart and searing political commentary with a cacophony of stunning instrumentation, including some of the most beautiful banjo sounds we’ve ever heard. Whether it makes you laugh or cry, or a little of both, the band’s talent is undeniable. Punch Brothers perform at Oregon Zoo along with Andrew Bird on Aug. 18.