Welcome to the Monday Mix, where we kick off the week with three standout new songs added to our broadcast.

Corridor - “Pow”

The Skinny: Corridor offers us a musical jungle gym that must have been as much fun to create as it is to listen to. While the musical tapestry is abundant, it’s never overwhelming, so you’re allowed to settle in for the journey they’ve so cleverly laid out for you.

Release Date: Their third album (and first on Seattle label Sub Pop) is “Junior.” It was was released in October.

Upcoming PNW Shows: See this Montreal band at Bunk Bar on Dec. 7.

Beck - “Uneventful Days”

The Skinny: Beck continues his unconventionally eclectic journey through music history in this collaboration with Pharrell. The result is a beautiful no-frills song featuring these two artists doing some of their best work.

Release Date: The album “Hyperspace” will arrive Nov. 22 via Capitol Records.

Upcoming PNW Shows: None scheduled

Jonathan Something - “Unfortunately Blue”

The Skinny: Jonathan Something’s new track is haunting in its monotone approach throughout, while keeping you sucked in with recognizable vocal stylings and his offhand way of conveying complex ideas.

Release Date: The album “Art So Small You Can Hardly See It” was released Oct. 28 on Solitaire Recordings.

Upcoming PNW Shows: None scheduled