Gary Clark, Jr - ‘This Land’

A Grammy award-winning artist from Austin, Texas, Gary Clark, Jr, has come out with the next groundbreaking musical assault on racism in America. Following in the footsteps of Childish Gambino’s song “This is America,” “This Land,” is a brutally honest song spawned from the frustration of growing up black in the American South. Clark told Rolling Stone he had originally considered the emotions behind the song too raw to discuss, but proceeded to write about an encounter with a new neighbor that the song is about. This anti-racism anthem emotes the frustration, pain and resilience of a marginalized people in our country, and emphatically plants a flag of defiance. Gary Clark, Jr.’s new album, ‘This Land’ will be released March 1st.

Foals - ‘Exits’

Foals are an English band in every way, from the grand music to the loud and confident vocals. Their new song, “Exits,” is in the mold of iconic 80s bands “Duran Duran” and “Tears for Fears.” Foals have taken those retro sounds and modernized them to create something both fresh and pleasantly nostalgic, a symphony of synth, guitar and soaring vocals with percussion interludes that sound as if they came straight from the “Miami Vice” theme song. The group is set to release their fifth and sixth consecutive albums a few months apart in 2019. ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost– Part 1’ will be out March 8. ‘Part 2’ is expected in the fall.

Sure Sure - ‘Warm Animal’

Breaking through the malaise of songs about the one that got away, comes a song by LA-based Sure Sure, about the appreciation of the one right in front of you. “Warm Animals,” exudes a laid-back musical nature, with lyrics about allowing yourself to feel good within that moment. Sure Sure has simply captured the feelings of joy when a relationship first begins. They’ll be releasing their full EP in May.