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opbmusic's Monday Mix: Goat Girl, Sunflower Bean, Pinegrove

Every week the Monday Mix showcases three new songs from the opbmusic broadcast. This week we feature an intimate track from Pinegrove, one from new London-based band Goat Girl, and a heartbreaking duet from Sunflower Bean.

Goat Girl - Cracker Drool

Goat Girl gets murdery in their video for “Cracker Drool,” as the London-based garage rock quartet take a trip to the country in order to take care of some unfinished business. The song is both eerie and fun, with cartoonishly spooky guitars. “Cracker Drool,” comes out as a 7” single on November 27th via Rough Trade Records.

Sunflower Bean - I Was a Fool

“I Was a Fool” is Sunflower Bean’s first new music since the release of their debut record, “Human Ceremony.” Singers Julia Cumming and Nick Kivlen trade lines, playing the role of separated lovers. The band have a talent for switching between various styles of vintage rock (this track has more than a few Fleetwood Mac-isms) with Cumming’s crystal clear vocals as the standout feature. The music video features the band playing an adult prom, a fitting visual for a song that appropriately soundtracks both slow dances and heartbreak in the bathroom stall.

Pinegrove - Intrepid
On “Intrepid,” the production makes it sound like Pinegrove could be playing in your living room. The combination of roomy drums, guitars, and keyboards make for an exciting climax when the band eventually cuts loose midway through the song. It’s a tantalizing preview of the band’s forthcoming third album, out sometime in early 2018.

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