Welcome to the Monday Mix, where each week we highlight three standout songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast.

Great Grandpa - “Mono No Aware”

The Skinny: Seattle band Great Grandpa sets a gorgeously melancholy mood in this song about impermanence, that completely pulls you in when the group’s Alex Menne sings “It will be here even if you’re not. It will be here even if I’m not.”  The title “Mono No Aware” is a Japanese phrase that translates as “the pathos of things.”

Release Date: “Four of Arrows” will be Oct. 25 on Double Double Whammy.

PNW Shows:  The closest show is in Seattle at Chop Suey, Nov. 16.

Elbow - “Empires”

The Skinny: English band Elbow’s frontman, Guy Garvey, delivers a killer opening line: “Baby, empires crumble all the time.” He may be singing about Brexit or any number of alarming divisions in the world, but Garvey takes you along for a sobering but not heavy-handed lyrical ride. He’s described the band’s new record as an “angry, old blue lament which finds its salvation in family, friends, the band and new life.”

Release Date: “Giants of All Sizes” will be released Oct. 11 on Polydor.

PNW Shows: None planned

The Shivas - “Gloria”

The Skinny: The Portland band releases a creepy new video with ritual sacrifice and bloodletting, directed by Yr First Crush.

Release Date: The new album “Dark Thoughts” will be released Oct. 25 on local label Tender Loving Empire.

PNW Shows: They’ll play at Lose Yr Mind Fest, at Vitalidad Movement Arts Center Sept. 13.