Each week the Monday Mix highlights three new songs hitting the airwaves on opbmusic. This week it’s new work from Chicago-area Slingshot artist Jamila Woods, Portland trio Hurry Up and a new duet featuring Haley Heynderickx.

Jamila Woods - ‘Giovanni’

Last week, neo-soul artist and Chicago native, Jamila Woods, shared her first music since her 2016 solo debut, ‘HEAVN,’ through the Poetry Foundation. The song “Giovanni,” was released in tandem with a documentary-style music video exploring legacy and the women in her life from whom she draws inspiration. As a poet and teacher, Woods conceptualized “Giovanni” while teaching Nikki Giovanni’s poem “Ego Tripping.” Woods explains, “I thought, what would it be like to write a cover poem that’s a song?” The result? Poetic soul meets swagger. 

Hurry Up - ‘You Just Wait’

Hurry Up is the hard-hitting punk trio that brings together Kathy Foster and Westin Glass of the now defunct Portland band The Thermals, with Maggie Vail (Bangs), former VP of Portland-based record label Kill Rock Stars. The band formed in 2010 as a means for each member to explore their “weirder, darker personalities.” Their latest single, “You Just Wait,” (from forthcoming album “Dismal Nitch”) feels like it is kicking down the door of the world’s frustration. But for all the raw energy, there’s a sense of simmering, righteous rage. “The truth is ours and you cannot hide. / So run and cower, / try and flee the light.” Put on your steel-toed moshing shoes and check them out at Mississippi Studios on December 14.

Haley Heynderickx and Max Garcia Conover - ‘Slow Talkin’

The tagline for the Barcelona-based record label Son Canciones is “recordings and concerts in unusual places.” Their goal seems to be capturing the hushed magic of place, time and people, which is how Portlander Haley Heynderickx was introduced to Max Garcia Conover of Portland, Maine. The place? An organic farm in Spain surrounded by horses. The timing? Seven days to get acquainted, write and record an EP together. Out of this experiment came the EP “Among Horses III.” We’ve got to say, there’s a certain kismet in this blending of these two quiet talents that can’t be denied.