Every week the Monday Mix features three new songs we’ve added to the opbmusic broadcast this week. Listen live to opbmusic here. And check out new work from Oakland’s Jay Som, a Pride Month song by Sufjan Stevens and former Portland group Strange Ranger below.

Jay Som - “Superbike”

Jay Som will release their sophomore effort, “Anak Ko” later this summer, featuring the single “Superbike.” The song was inspired during a trip to Joshua Tree which is captured in the track’s ambient soundscape. As with their first album, the Oakland-based group’s singer and songwriter Melina Duterte has taken the reigns in the creation of the music, producing and engineering this album. Jay Som will perform at Doug Fir Lounge September 19th.

Sufjan Stevens - “Love Yourself”

Sufjan Stevens has released a four-track EP for Pride Month with a reprise of his 1996 demo, “Love Yourself.” While far more lyrically simple than other songs of his, Stevens conveys an all-important message effectively wrapped in a beautiful mosaic explosion of melody. The EP will be released in limited vinyl version on June 28th. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to two organizations supporting the LGBTQ community— the Ali Forney Center in Harlem, N.Y. and the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit, Michigan.

Strange Ranger - “Leona” 

Strange Ranger is a former Portland, OR band, who’ve since relocated to the guitar rock hotbed of Philadelphia. The band’s expanding sound rides electronics and synth in new song “Leona,” from their upcoming album “Remembering the Rockets.” The album drops July 26. Referring to the song’s catchy refrains, frontman Isaac Eiger told Paste: “I really like pop-rock style ‘da da’s and wanted us to our have own ‘da da’ song.”