Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin

Nick McKinlay / Courtesy of the artist

Each week we feature three new songs recently added to the broadcast on opbmusic. This time around, we’ve got new music from Aussie songwriter Jukia Jacklin, the solo debut from for Thermals frontman Hutch Harris and a powerful neo-soul song from Georgia Anne Muldrow.

Julia Jacklin - “Head Alone”

Julia Jacklin’s “Head Alone” is a liberating track for the Australian singer. Jacklin unpacks the physical and mental repercussions of a suffocating relationship in the second single shared from her upcoming sophomore album, “Crushing.” In a press release, Jacklin notes, “I used to be so worried about seeming demanding that I’d put up with anything, which I think is common. … Now I’ve gotten used to calling out things I’m not okay with, instead of just burying my feelings to make it easier on everyone.” It’s a push and pull against societal expectations and personal limits that most women will find all too familiar. Even as she asserts, “I don’t want to be touched all the time/I raised my body up to be mine,” she admits, “I have your back more than I have mine.” Ending it all with the notion that she’ll need to repeat it until she’s understood. A realization that is, well, a bit crushing. The LP will drop on Feb. 22 via Polyvinyl. You can pre-order the album here.

Hutch Harris - “I Will Try to Forget You”

Ever since local Portland band the Thermals announced the dissolution of their band several months ago, fans have awaited the release of new projects from its former members (Kathy Foster and Westin Glass put out a new single from their project Hurry Up in October). On Nov. 12, former frontman Hutch Harris dropped his solo debut album, “Only Water.” The album and the track, “I Will Try to Forget You” retains many of the elements reminiscent of familiar Thermals material, but stripped of most of its distortion and reimagined with a decidedly softer side. You can stream the album in its entirety here.

 Georgia Anne Muldrow - “Play it Up”

Georgia Anne Muldrow’s newest album, “Overload,” marks her 17th release. A prolific feat, but not surprising for an artist who comes a multi-generational musical family (her father, Ronald Muldrow, was a celebrated jazz guitarist). Born in Los Angeles and trained in the New School’s jazz program in NYC, the experimental soul singer epitomizes the ability to know the rules and break them in all the right ways. As a part of her most pop-driven album to date, the track, “Play it Up,” would be at home on a playlist with Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” exuding strength and inner power, pairing trap beats with soul vocals. Stream the entire album here and, while you’re at it, dive into her vast back catalog.