Lucy Dacus - “La Vie En Rose”

The song, “La Vie En Rose,” was first made famous by the French singer, Édith Piaf in the 1940s. It’s been covered widely by the likes of Bing Crosby and Donna Summer. It also graces the backside of Lady Gaga to commemorate ‘A Star is Born.’ 

The new version by Lucy Dacus is the first of a string of holiday-themed releases Dacus announced in January. “Holidays are tough,” she writes in a Facebook post. “I often write music to try to understand them, or listen to music to buoy myself through.” Bust out your favorite pink drink and let the soft melancholy of Dacus’ honeyed vocal carry you through 2019.

SOAK - “Valentine Shmalentine”

On February 7th, Irish artist Bridie Monds-Watson, aka SOAK, released an anti-Valentine’s track that is as lovely as it is lonely. According to Monds-Watson, it is an ode to “giving into Hallmark and being a dramatic b****.” The song marks the third single shared off of her upcoming album, Grim Town, set to release April 26th.

Weyes Blood - “Everyday”

The day before Valentine’s Day, Weyes Blood shared what she calls a “tender slasher” flick-inspired video accompanying the release of her first single, “Everyday.” A vampy little tune, with a dark undertone, it is the first single to drop from her latest album, “Titanic Rising,” due out April 5th. Catch her on May 18th at the Doug Fir in the midst of her “True Love is Making a Comeback” tour.