Mercury Rev, featuring Margo Price - ‘Sermon’

Most musicians can point to a single artist, perhaps even several, who have shaped their musicianship and inspired them to create. For the band Mercury Rev, that person is country great Bobbie Gentry. In a press release the band notes their goal is to “honour Gentry’s creative triumph” with a cover album serving as tribute to her 1968 release “The Delta Sweete.” The albums features contributions by Nora Jones, Lucinda Williams, Phoebe Bridgers and many more, along with a piece written by David Fricke (Rolling Stone). “The Delta Sweete Revisited” will drop on Feb. 8, 2019.

Shadowgraphs - ‘Another Time’

The band Shadowgraphs began their music-making journey in Charlotte, North Carolina, but are now newly minted Portlanders. It’s safe to say this psych-pop rock duo, comprised of Bryan Olson and Charles Glade, will fit right in. They released their latest album, “Another Time,” on Nov. 30. The title track gets the dream-pop vocal treatment, coated in reverb and paired with an energetic rock sound that simply feels good. The accompanying video features a cheeky take on pedaling your craft to record labels interspersed with cuts of the band among various Oregon landscapes. It is their new home, after all. You can catch them at the Doug Fir with Reptaliens on Dec. 4.

Ron Gallo - ‘Love Supreme (Work Together!)’

Ron Gallo brings the pep in his single “Love Supreme (Work Together!)” from the whimsically titled album “Stardust Birthday Party.” The tune sounds a little like Talking Heads meets Beck and was inspired lyrically by John Coltrane’s ruminations on God, faith and music in his 1965 album “A Love Supreme.” “Stardust Birthday Party” is available for streaming here.