Each week, the Monday Mix features three new songs from the opbmusic broadcast. This time it’s a beautiful new song from North Carolina Americana band River Whyless, a new song and album from Portland’s Sama Dams, and new band Loma — which includes Jonathan Meiburg from Shearwater.

River Whyless — “Born in the Right Country”

When setting out to write and record, “Kindness, A Rebel,” the Asheville-based band, River Whyless, set out specifically to set aside ego in favor of creative collaboration. The fruits of their labor? A sobering examination of the American Dream’s pitfalls. “Born in the Right Country” is both stark and beautiful, bolstered by an intricate arrangement and highlighted with Hallie Anderson’s ethereal harmonies. All the while, Ryan O’Keefe’s vocal echoes with the pain of understanding: “You can break through, if you’ve got the right skin or you’re born in the right country.” The album’s out June 8th, and you’ll be able to catch them at Portland’s Aladdin Theater on August 11th.

Loma - “Black Willow”

“Black Willow” is the final track from Loma’s self-titled album, but it leaves a lasting impression. A chorus of reverberating voices beckons the listener on a gauzy dream-pop quest, punctuated by a warm bass groove that provides a grounding presence as you drift toward the edge. The video explores the bounds of the self, juxtaposed against images of a nature’s limitless expanse. Perhaps best enjoyed with a pair of headphones in the woods, the entire album is out now.

Sama Dams - “Say It”

The title track off of Portland band, Sama Dams’ latest album, “Say It,” is triumphant and self-actualizing; it’s an indie rock anthem imploring the listener to simply say what they feel. The trio of Sam Adams, Lisa Adams, and Chris Hermsen blends a fuzzed out bass and evocative organ with his and hers vocals. Her soaring soprano heightening the intrinsic excitement of the chorus, but is consistently grounded by his mellow baritone. A cacophony of  80s synth sounds drive the song toward a joyful pinnacle in the last minute of the song, making it all the more satisfying when it all drops at the end. Their April 6th release show at Portland’s Mississippi Studios, served as a send-off for their upcoming European tour. You can listen to the full album here.