Mitski Miyawaki

Mitski Miyawaki

Bao Ngo/Courtesy of the artist

Each week, the Monday Mix features three new songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast. This time we highlight tracks from Saintseneca, Petal and Mitski.

Saintseneca - “Frostbiter”

With their new single, “Frostbiter,” Ohio band Saintseneca teases the release of their latest album, “Pillar of Na,” due out on Aug. 31. The album juxtaposes vocalist Caeleigh Featherstone’s gauzy, ambient chorus with raw, conversational verses from lead singer Zac Little. The result is a push and pull that is both disquieting and satisfying. Catch them on tour Oct. 20 at the Doug Fir Lounge.

Petal, “Better Than You”

The June 15 release of “Magic Gone” saw Petal’s, songwriter Kiley Lotz, sharing a deeply personal narrative about her struggles with mental illness and living as an out and queer woman. The album’s lead single, “Better Than You,” is a study of self-doubt as an artist, seeing Lotz play a literal game of Whac-a-mole with two competing versions of herself. In exposition that every artist can relate to, she laments the vulnerability of playing to a crowd who might not even care and wishing only to pretend “like you didn’t love it, but you do.” The track is very much in line with the resurgence of strong, female-powered 90s rock but with an introspective bent, and we can’t wait to hear more. Stream the entire album here and catch the live show July 3 at Portland’s Holocene.

Mitski - “Nobody”

Mitski’s melancholy disco-dance track, “Nobody,” is the second single from her album, “Be the Cowboy,” which set to drop August 17, 2018. The video for the song is an existential ride, placing Mitski in her own version of Alice in Wonderland, confronted by faceless, formless visions of a lonely future. She laments, “I’ve been big and small … and still nobody wants me,” but keeps dancing through it all. Finally, finding only herself at the end, the camera backs away revealing the construct of the world and allowing Mistki to take her place in the director’s chair, reading “Nobody.” You can see it all for yourself at her Portland show on Nov. 1 at Crystal Ballroom.