Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus

Courtesy of the artist/Giovanni Duca

Each week, the Monday Mix features three fresh songs from opbmusic’s broadcast. This time around, we feature a new song from former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus, a loud anthem from Seattle band Smokey Brights, and a tune from London punk rock quartet Goat Girl.

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – “Middle America”

Stephen Malkmus’ new single, “Middle America,” feels like the start of a road trip. Windows rolled down, with a quiet beat and carefree vocal carrying you down the road. It’s simultaneously a song for the daydreamers and the irreverent. Malkmus’ warm, dulcet tones contrasting with hard truths. “Men are scum I won’t deny,” croons Malkmus softly and seems to add with a smirk, “May you be s**t-faced the day you die.” Though we’ve not heard new material from Malkmus since 2014, it’s clear this music veteran has much more up his sleeve. Catch the band (and perhaps even more new music) in Portland at the end of the band’s North American tour on Aug. 5 at Star Theater.

Smokey Brights - “Come To Terms”

With their new EP, “Come To Terms,” Smokey Brights put forth a polished, modern take on Seattle rock and roll. The title track, “Come To Terms” has all the trappings of a song that will quickly rise to the top of your playlist. It juxtaposes danceable pop and a relaxed indie rock sensibility, all the while keeping things fresh with tight guitar and synth sounds that at times feel plucked straight from your Nintendo. A laid back rhythm section and tight harmonies also give it a flirtatious groove. It may feel good, but don’t get caught off guard when they hit you with politically-charged lyrics. “I get the jist of this,” sings Ryan Devlin, who shares lead vocals with his wife and bandmate Kim West. “It’s you take what you can get, and when the water is getting high / You hope your s**t stays dry.”

Goat Girl - “The Man”

The subversive, London-based all-female foursome Goat Girl is back at it with a new track called “The Man.” Here, the lo-fi grunge of their garage band roots supports their catchiest melody to date. And the tune is paired with an intriguing new video that challenges the stereotype of the fangirl by re-imagining rock and roll mania with fanboys. Male fans clutch desperately at signs and faint in the streets while the band looks on, utterly bored. Directed by C.C. Wade, it’s just the type of satire and social commentary that led to the band’s naming. Their self-titled debut record comes out on April 6 via Rough Trade Records.