The Shivas

The Shivas

Andre Peniche

Each week the Monday Mix showcases three brand new songs from the opbmusic broadcast. This week we feature two new tracks from Portland artists and an Americana protest song.

The Shivas - Turn Me On
The Shivas are a Portland-based indie rock band whose sound dips heavily into surf guitar fuzz, garage rock, and 60’s psych. The title track from their recently released sixth album, Turn Me On, is a bluesy little boogie with vocals drenched in reverb that makes you want to jump up and twist. It’s all tied neatly together with a straightforward hook and a steady surf guitar backbone.

Rachel Baiman - Shame
Rachel Baiman is a Nashville-based Americana singer-songwriter who offers a modern take on an old-time sound. The title track off her second album, Shame (out on June 2nd), is a light, folk tune which, according to an interview with NPR, was inspired by a Dan Savage talk about defunding Planned Parenthood. Although the bouncing, bright banjo and carefree vocals (reminiscent of Gillian Welch) seem laid-back and cheery, there’s real bite is in the lyrics. Catch her Eartrumpet Labs Speakeasy show on June 21st.

Sunbathe - With a Little Help Singer Maggie Morris’ new solo album, Sunbathe, is a collection of tracks that weren’t quite right for her other band, Portland dream-pop group Genders. The project highlights her song-writing abilities, which are impressive on their own. “With a Little Help” is a celebration of friendship with ringing guitar and Morris’ layered, earnest vocals leading the charge. Catch her official record release show at The Know on June 13th.