White Reaper

White Reaper

Jesse DeFlorio

Each week the Monday Mix showcases three brand new songs from the opbmusic broadcast. This week we feature tracks from a Louisville garage punk band, a Seattle alternative hip-hop duo, and a legendary soul singer.

White Reaper - Judy French

Louisville, Kentucky rock band, White Reaper, have followed up to their killer 2015 debut, White Reaper Does It Again, with their second guitar-driven LP, the modestly titled The World’s Best American Band. Lead single “Judy French” is brimming with carefree, head-bobbing fun that borrows heavily from 90’s power pop and Van Halen (no, really). If you need a song to blast on your way to the party, White Reaper have got you covered. Catch their show at the Doug Fir Lounge on June 21st.

Shabazz Palaces - Shine a Light

Seattle hip-hop duo, Shabazz Palaces, take a truly experimental approach to hip-hop. According to a press release, their upcoming album, Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star (out on July 14th), tells the story of an alien named Quazarz, “an observer sent here to Amurderca to chronicle and explore as a musical emissary” only to find that our world is deeply flawed. “Shine A Light” is our first spacey, unconventional, string laden look into Quazarz’s head. Shabazz Palaces are coming to Star Theater in Portland on August 16th.

Mavis Staples & Arcade Fire - Slippery People

In 2014, Mavis Staples celebrated her birthday in her hometown of Chicago with a star-studded tribute concert, “I’ll Take You There- Celebrating 75 Years of Mavis Staples.” This highlight from that show finds Régine Chassagne and Win Butler of Arcade Fire lending funky guitar and vocals to the iconic soul singer’s take of the Talking Heads classic “Slippery People.” The rest of the concert will have a CD/DVD release out on June 2nd.