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Photo Review: PDX Pop Now! 2013

Another PDX Pop Now! festival is in the books, the latest edition playing out over three days this past weekend at the Eastbank Lot in inner SE Portland. This year’s 10th annual festival featured much of what we’ve come to expect over those years: pleasant surprises, overdue reintroductions, game efforts and, all in all, non-stop artistry we could all take pride in.

There were plenty of highlights, to be sure, not the least of which was the transformative nature of the setting for this year’s fest. The move to an all open air space with plenty of room to lay around, dance, play Rigsketball, and/or generally mill about completely changed the vibe, which wasn’t necessarily broken to begin with. It was only fitting that the backdrop of the city served as scenery for so much home gorwn talent. What seemed like something of a risky move at first ultimately paid off for PDX Pop Now— even the construction rubble felt right (hope they can get that next year).

We took away plenty of visual souvenirs from the 33+ hours of action. Here are a few choice shots, and don’t miss the rest of our collection on Flickr here, here and here, as well as our Instagram.

Genders at PDX Pop Now! 2013

Genders showcased an impressive, tight set on Day 1 of the festival. Things are looking up for the group, as they recently announced that they will tour with Built to Spill this fall.


Youthbitch at PDX Pop Now! 2013

Known for their high energy party songs,
Youthbitch helped kick off the festival on Day 1. 


PWRHAUS at PDX Pop Now! 2013



Ramona Falls at PDX Pop Now! 2013

Ramona Falls


Sons of Huns at PDX Pop Now! 2013

Sons of Huns


Dusu Mali at PDX Pop Now! 2013

Dusu Mali Band performed a fun, energetic set of an eclectic collection of songs on Day 2 of the festival.


Magic Mouth at PDX Pop Now! 2013

Magic Mouth played a dynamic set to close out Saturday night— a first taste for some of a band clearly prepped to make more waves shortly.


The Ghost Ease at PDX Pop Now! 2013

The Ghost Ease, who describe their genre as “ethereal, garage heavy rock,” released a debut album this past April. Playing songs that showcased the band’s ability to segue swiftly from intimate, soft dynamics to thunderous distortion, The Ghost Ease was a highlight of Day 3.


Vursatyl and SlimKid3 w/ the Doo Doo Funk All-Stars at PDX Pop Now! 2013

Lifesavas’ Vursatyl made a cameo appearance, joining SlimKid3 & the Doo Doo Funk All-Stars for their winning set.


Shy Girls at PDX Pop Now! 2013

Can a storm be both quiet and sultry? Shy Girls‘ festival-closing set showcased perhaps the most talked about band in town this year, gently putting the PDX Pop baby to bed, as it were.

PDX Pop Now 2013

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