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Photos: Alela Diane and Houndstooth Show

Friday night opbmusic presented a free show with Alela Diane and Houndstooth at Mississippi Studios. Houndstooth heated things up with a full set of driving, southern rock. Alela Diane took the stage for a graceful, easygoing set drawn from her deep catalog, including longtime favorites like “The Rifle.” Our team of video producers are at work now on the concert footage.

With Friday’s show, we kicked off our new concert/video series, opbmusic Stagepass. We’re presenting 9 more concerts like this, monthly, at Mississippi Studios, starting May 10th. You’ll want to be there! And we need your help to support this series, highlighting artists from the Northwest, with top-notch video production. Go to our Stagepass page and get tickets to all 9 upcoming concerts for just $75.  (Yes! 9 shows. $75.)

We launched opbmusic Stagepass with a concert Friday night at Mississippi Studios featuring Alela Diane and Houndstooth

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