Each week, the Monday Mix features three fresh songs from opbmusic’s broadcast. This time around, it’s gritty rock from Seattle band The Moondoggies, dreamy pop from Frankie Cosmos, and experimental trio NADINE.

The Moondoggies - “Easy Coming”

After taking some time away from music, Seattle’s The Moondoggies return strong with “Easy Coming,” the first release from their upcoming album, “A Love Sleeps Deep.” “Easy Coming” is rich with lyrical introspection, an exploration of aging and self-acceptance made all the more compelling with their signature harmonies. Raw, distorted guitar provides a strong foundation for a driving lead, countering the vocal for a satisfying, multi-dimensional sound. Catch them live at Mississippi Studios on April 18.

Frankie Cosmos - “Jesse”

The lilt and simplicity of Greta Kline’s vocal as Frankie Cosmos in “Jesse” takes the listener on a dreamy journey. But don’t let her light vocal touch lull you into lazy listening. Lyrically, she is formidable, creating emotional snapshots that reveal a subtle strength. “I created a scorpion / And then had to kill it,” she sings. “Just like I loved you / And then had to will it / To end.” “Jesse” is one of three tracks currently available from her latest record, “Vessel,” set to be released on March 30. You’ll find her at the Wonder Ballroom April, 20.

NADINE - “Pews”

Nadia Hulett, Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez form the new trio NADINE and unveil a jazzy, experimental pop sound with their debut album oh my. “Pews” presents a tapestry of sound that rewards the close listener with playful twists and turns from the first note to the last. Each rhythmic layer serving to highlight the soft, smokey warmth of Hulett’s voice that will have you looking up Feist tunes again. The song’s intricacies are a testament to the freedom of collaboration and creation. Fader writes, “Carlos and I were given a sandbox to play in but the parameters of the sandbox were defined by Nadia every time … ANYTHING is possible and fair game.” Stream the album here and you’ll know: This particular brand of conscientious exploration is a recipe for success.