Drive-By Truckers

Drive-By Truckers

Courtesy of the artist

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where each week we highlight standout songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast. This time around, we’ve got new music from one of America’s finest rock bands, a surprisingly soulful turn from an established folk rock singer, and a power pop musician who believes (rightly so) that more is better.

Esmé Patterson - “Light In Your Window”

The Skinny: The Colorado-based artist continues a fascinating career arc that has seen her release string-heavy folk, hard-edged rock, and, if the first single from her forthcoming record is any indication, soulful pop music. Unsurprisingly, the song was produced by Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, the duo behind Denver synth pop outfit Tennis.

Release Date: Patterson’s new record is likely coming out in early 2020.

Upcoming PNW shows: No shows scheduled in the Pacific Northwest at the moment.

Mo Troper - “Jas From Australia”

The Skinny: Mo Troper is the best power pop musician in Portland. The first single from his third full-length record may only clock in at a little over 2 minutes, but the songwriter packs it with a ridiculous amount of bells and whistles. There’s banjos, guitars, keys, horns, strings, intercontinental internet love, heartbreak, and sweet, sweet hooks.

Release Date: Troper’s new album “Natural Beauty” is out on Feb. 14 via Portland label Tender Loving Empire.

Upcoming PNW shows: Mo Troper performs at Holocene in Portland on Feb. 16.

Drive-By Truckers - “Armageddon’s Back in Town”

The Skinny: This single comes from “The Unraveling,” the rock band’s 12th album and the follow-up to their critically acclaimed and politically-charged 2016 release “American Band.” With new song titles like “Thoughts And Prayers,” “Grievance Merchants” and “Babies In Cages,” it’s safe to say they’re still pretty pissed off about the state of America.

Release Date: The band’s new album “The Unraveling” is out on Jan. 31 via ATO.

Upcoming PNW shows: Drive-By Truckers perform at Wonder Ballroom on March 20 and 21. The band’s singer Patterson Hood (who lives in Portland) is playing at Doug Fir Lounge on Dec. 20 and 21.