Each week, the Monday Mix features three new songs from the opbmusic broadcast. This time we highlight tracks from Nick Lowe, D.C. band Flasher and new Irish act Jealous of the Birds.

Nick Lowe - “Tokyo Bay”

After three tours together, Nick Lowe is releasing a new EP with Los Straightjackets on June 15. The rockabilly jams on “Tokyo Bay/Crying Inside” mark his first new music in five years. The EP features two originals and covers of  Dionne Warwick’s “Heartbreaker” and Cliff Richard’s “Travellin’ Light.” Of the process, Lowe said, “When I write my own song, I work at it until I start to think that it’s a cover … The opposite is true when I come across a cover I like. I work at it until I believe that I wrote it, and I can take liberties with it …”

Flasher - “Pressure”

Even underground music scenes have their darlings, and the band Flasher is one of the top new groups out of Washington, D.C. With good reason. Their latest track, “Pressure,” puts their psychedelic, post-punk sensibilities on display, accentuated by adept instrumentation by Taylor Mulitz on guitar, bassist Daniel Saperstein and Emma Baker on drums. The album, “Constant Image,” drops on June 8, and you can catch them in Seattle on July 20 at the Capitol Hill Block Party.

Jealous of the Birds - “Plastic Skeletons”

“Plastic Skeletons” from Jealous of the Birds’ Naomi Hamilton is poetry-meets-rock ‘n’ roll. The track oscillates between hard-hitting guitar and a subtle groove, proving she’s certainly bent on intriguing the listener. Come for the rock, stay for the lyrics. The song is ripe with dark, striking imagery: “Do you wanna dance like a fire ant / In the eye of a long-dead bison.” And razor sharp jabs: “Drink your margarita, flirt with drunk Maria / Chasing skirts like some golden retriever.” With each intricate turn of phrase serving the story of the song, it’s not surprising that Hamilton’s background includes studying English and creative writing at Queen’s University in Belfast. The EP, titled “The Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me in My Sleep,” is due out July 13.