Although they formed less than a year ago, Pool Boys have already shared the stage with Portland music scene stalwarts like Sama Dams, Kelli Schaefer and Cat Hoch. When you hear the band’s first single, “Millennial Morse Code,” it’s easy to see why they’ve become a sought-after opening act.

The song has a pleasant, nonplussed surf rock vibe that’s periodically broken up by even more satisfying bursts of piercing guitars and complex harmonies. It’s also a shockingly polished product for such a young group — one that establishes them as one of the city’s most exciting new bands.

But Pool Boys isn’t made up of a bunch of neophytes. Veteran musicians Emma Browne (Rare Diagram, Nature Thief), Caroline Jackson (Lubec), Alex Radakovich (Rare Diagram, Shook Twins, Martha Stax) and Annie Dillon round out the lineup, and the track was recorded at Tucker Martine’s acclaimed Flora Recording and Playback studio with producer Justin Chase (Pure Bathing Culture).

In other words, they won’t be opening shows for long.

You can catch them live on Sunday, Oct. 21 at Rontoms along with No Kind Of Rider and Wave Action. The show is free and the band will be officially releasing their new single at the venue.