Portland band Small Million will release the “Young Fools” EP this fall. It’s a spacious and textured synth-pop listen from the duo of Ryan Linder and Malachi Graham, who appeared in 2014 on the PDX Pop Now! compilation of local music, and released their debut EP in 2016. Linder is the producer creating the lush textures; Graham is the songwriter and vocalist.

“Young Fools” begins with reminiscing over a string of moments from earlier days, then repeatedly questions, “Why aren’t we bored any more?” 

Graham says the song is about the evolving nature of friendships.

Small Million will release the EP "Young Fools" on October 12.

Small Million will release the EP “Young Fools” on October 12.

Kale Chesney/Courtesy of the artist

“Young Fools is about the deep friendships you make when you have ‘nothing better to do,’ and yearning for the dumb parties and late night conversations I had with my friends in college. Part of this is about the evolution of friendship as we grow out of foolish youth, but I also think there’s something fundamentally different about friendship in the age of smartphones— it feels like there’s always somewhere better to be, or something productive you should be doing at all times. I’m nostalgic for those days when time felt endless, and for the depth and quality of relationships that emerge from boredom, and how hard it is to maintain those relationships as an over committed adult.”

Small Million plays at Holocene tonight (August 8). “Young Fools” gets a digital release this weekend, before its full release October 12.