‘Bathed in Sunlight’ is a new song from Portland-based band Fort Atlantic. The group’s lead singer and songwriter Jon Black wrote the lyrics in response to the story of Anthony Ray Hinton, a man who spent 30 years on death row in Alabama for a crime he didn’t commit, before being exonerated in 2015. Upon his release, he remarked to his family, “the sun does shine.”

The video for ‘Bathed in Sunlight’ features Black holding his breath underwater for an impossibly long time — the span of a 6-minute song. Black made the video by speeding up the song 400%, and shooting the video on a GoPro at 120 frames per second. Slowed back down, it makes for a long, long time underwater, and a mesmerizing single-shot video.

Fort Atlantic plans to release their album, Shadow Shaker Vol 1, one song at a time, with a full record release in 2018.