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Cataldo's New Record Is A Keeper

Cataldo frontman Eric Anderson loves big words, keyboards, greatest hits records, smart fashion choices and his girlfriend. Although, not necessarily in that order.

On his latest release, “Keepers,” the Seattle-based songwriter touches on all of the above. The result is an ambitious collection of songs that marks his strongest work to date.

Ahead of a recent gig at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, opbmusic DJ Matthew Casebeer sat down with Anderson to talk about the new record. You can listen to the full conversation above and read excerpts below.

On the eclectic sound of “Keepers”:

My goal on this record was to have every song be kind of unimpeachably really good. So, I wrote a lot more in general. I, at one point, started jokingly calling this album “Greatest Hits” because I wanted it to feel like when you listen to a greatest hits record and each song feels a little different and there’s experiments in genre. Each song is such a cut, and when you listen to it, it sounds more like a collection of singles than a record-record or an album where things are interdependent on each other.

On the prevalence of love songs throughout the album:

It’s funny because I’ve been with my girlfriend for like eight years, and I don’t know why it took this long. Maybe that’s my gestation period for love song writing. We had just moved in together when I started writing this (album), and I was just feeling happy in some kind of domestic bliss sort of vibe.

On the album art direction, which prominently features a rack of clothing:

Keepers by Cataldo

Keepers by Cataldo

I wanted each of those articles of clothing to represent one of the songs on the record. (Some were interpretations like) a prom dress — that’s track three, the “Little Heartbeat” song. And then some are referenced (explicitly) in the song. There’s one that’s a maroon vest. That’s name-checked in the song “Photograph.” And “Person You’d Be Proud Of,” I always think that song is kind of Peter Gabriel-y, and so the piece of clothing for that is a collarless white flowy shirt.


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