This week we’re premiering a new song by Portland band Bradley Wik & The Charlatans, “Some Girls (Still Love Rock N’ Roll).” The song’s an unpretentious throwback, with lyrics about the pitfalls of playing the part of a rock ‘n’ roll singer.

Wik says the song “addresses my undying love for rock ‘n’ roll …  Over and over again I use rock ‘n’ roll as an excuse or free pass for any of the bulls—t I did, either to myself or someone else. Didn’t matter what I did, I was a rock ‘n’ roll singer and I could act as I damn well, please. It took seeing that attitude in another to make me realize I had been acting like an asshole, and it wasn’t particularly cute or fun anymore,” he said.

“Another reason I felt compelled to write “Some Girls” is that I feel there is a current glorification of drink and drug-influenced chaos. I wanted to give people a more honest take on what it actually looks and feels like.  It’s not brilliant. It’s not always fun. The people don’t always make it out.”

Bradley Wik & The Charlatans’ upcoming album “In My Youth, I’m Getting Old” will be released in September.