Ages and Ages, the Portland-based band fronted by founding members Tim Perry and Rob Oberdorfer (along with drummer and co-producer Evan Railton), is set to release its fourth full-length album this spring. The new record, “Me You They We,” sees the band moving further away from the choral-driven folk rock that defined it’s early work and bravely into a new palette of sounds. The album’s latest single, “Nothing Serious,” is a compact, sun-kissed jam bathed in warm synths and capped by Perry’s gravely falsetto. Of the song, Oberdorfer says “I worked to give it a boom-box-y sonic quality. It didn’t feel right to have it be terribly hi-fi.”

Ages and Ages

Ages and Ages

Courtesy of the artist

That bold and decisive action turned out to define the song’s sound and the band owns it well, but ironically, the lyrics are about indecision and putting up facades. “Soaked with the feeling that you’ll never be able to crawl out of the uncomfortable space you’re in, you’ve been there so long that you forget what not being there even feels like,” Perry explains. “Your brain tells you that you can move in any direction, but your feelings tell you there’s a cliff on all sides. Embarrassed about feeling so paralyzed. Accustomed to feeling isolated. You tell your friends not to worry, it’s nothing serious.”

Ages and Ages release “Me You They We” on April 5 via Partisan Records and will head out on a western tour before playing gigs in Portland and Seattle later in the month.

Upcoming Tourdates:

Apr 12 in Redding, California, at The Dip
Apr 13 in San Francisco, California, at Hotel Utah
Apr 16 in Los Angeles, California, at The Moroccan Lounge
Apr 17 in San Diego, California, at Soda Bar
Apr 18 in Phoenix, Ariona, at The Rebel Lounge
Apr 20 in Denver, Colorado, at Larimer Lounge
Apr 23 in Salt Lake City, Utah, at Kilby Court
Apr 24 in Boise, Idaho, at The Olympic
Apr 25 in Walla Walla, Washington, at Billsville West
Apr 26 in Portland, Oregon, at Doug Fir Lounge
Apr 27 in Seattle, Washington, at Barboza