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Song Premiere: Anna Tivel - 'Illinois'

Anna Tivel’s excellent 2016 release, “Heroes Waking Up,” cemented her status as one of Oregon’s brightest up-and-coming folk musicians. And if the first single from the Portland-based musician’s new record, “Small Believer,” is any indication, we can now remove the “up-and-coming” tag.

Produced by Austin Nevins (Josh Ritter, Aoife O’Donovan), the song “Illinois” is propelled forward by Tivel’s wispy voice with the help of beautiful electric lead guitar, pedal steel and standup bass arrangements that never quite overshadow the songwriter’s lyrics. And that’s important because Tivel is a talented storyteller who vividly describes a heavy-hearted road trip home.

“Small Believer” will be released via Fluff & Gravy Records on Sept. 29.

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