No artist embodies Portland’s blooming (pun intended) contemporary R&B scene more fully than Blossom, whose new EP collaboration with emcee Ripley Snell, “Clout Atlas :: Dormiveglia,” is out July 13 via indie hip-hop label EYRST. A brew of her vocals, Snell’s verses, and producer Neill Von Tally’s beatsmithing, the project is as catchy as it is introspective — as on the single “Dormiveglia,” which means “half-asleep” in Italian.

“Dormiveglia” layers Von Tally’s sophisticated patterns over an ambient haze that puts the unconcerned smoothness of Blossom’s vocal style front and center and also draws necessary attention to the lyrics, which were clearly engineered to fit both the song’s atmosphere and its title: “Daydreaming has become my elusive lover / making itself known in my attention / go astray / oh, lover.”

For Snell, the track documents a deeply personal awakening. “For me, ‘Dormiveglia’ was about waking up!” Snell wrote to opbmusic in an email. “Stepping out of addiction, making peace with my past, and finding hope and strength in spite of uncertainty. I love that we took this on together, because no one breaks addiction alone, and it’s okay to ask for help. The music feels like the sun breaking after a loooooong night.”

You can catch the two musicians at these upcoming live dates:

June 10/Portland, Ore. - Performing with special guest at Rontoms
June 13/Seattle, Wash. - Performing with Ripley Snell at Columbia City Theatre
June 14/Portland, Ore. - Performing with Ripley Snell at Holocene