Erik Emanuelson made a strong first impression on Portland’s music scene in 2015, helming the excellent folk rock project Grand Lake Islands. The group’s debut album, “Song From Far,” evoked “Nashville Skyline”-era Bob Dylan with Emanuelson’s warbly vocals meandering through dusty tracks like the standout single Monterrey.

Now, the songwriter has a new band. Or maybe he merely changed the name of the old one. Either way, Emanuelson’s Lorain builds on his past work by creating beautiful and moody pop songs with hooks as hazy as ozone. Produced by Zak Kimball (Haley Heynderickx), “Rose Window” is the first single from band’s new record, “Through Frames,” out on Sept. 25. 

“When I wrote this song, I felt like I was seeing many people, even those I loved the most, through a filter of insecurity. It was tiring,” says Emanuelson. “‘Rose Window’ is about trying to free yourself from that burden so that you can see the world around you — and the people in it — in a more unadulterated light. It’s no easy feat, so the song’s become a bit of a mantra for me.”

Although fronted by Emanuelson, Lorain includes contributions from Bob Reynolds, Joseph Anderson, Mitch Gonzales and Robin Bacior.

Lorain has a single release show in Portland, Ore. along with Notel and Laura Palmer’s Death Parade at Mississippi Studios on July 11