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Song Premiere: Point Juncture, WA - 'Busted'

After five years of relative silence, Point Juncture, WA has a busy December planned. The artsy rock band are releasing their new double record, Me Or The Party, on December 2nd via Party Damage Records. Point Juncture, WA are also unveiling the new material at a gig in Portland, OR at Mississippi Studios on December 28th along with Because and Swansea.

Until then, we’re happy to give you a peak of the new record with this song premiere of the track “Busted,” a track that should get you plenty excited.

Here, Point Juncture, WA has baked the tried and true alt-rock formula of soft-loud-soft into a complex and warm layer cake. The arrangement is driven by the beautiful vocals of singers Victor Nash and Amanda Spring, at times both delicate and soaring. These sweet spots are periodically interrupted by intense blasts of distortion that wouldn’t be out of place on the most obnoxiously loud Sonic Youth record. For longtime fans, Christmas comes early this year.

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