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Song Premiere: Ryan Oxford - 'Fa Fa Fa Fired'

For over half a century, perhaps no band has cultivated a more rabid following among music production geeks than The Beach Boys. Generation after generation of producers and composers have cited the group’s groundbreaking sound as an influence— even an obsession. And Portland-based musician Ryan Oxford is no different.

A decade ago, Beach Boys songwriter and producer Brian Wilson provided the spark that started Oxford’s music career. After reading about Wilson’s work on the 1966 masterpiece Pet Sounds, Oxford, who was a production novice at the time, blew an entire tax return on an 8-track recorder and began the long, self-taught process of learning the art of recording through failure. Ten years later, he’s rolling out his impressive debut record Fa Fa Fa Fired.

The title track of the new record is a standout performance (listen above). It’s a lush, gloomy, and sentimental breakup song with beautiful production that proves Oxford has learned from all of his mistakes. And yes, you can still hear the influence of Wilson all these years later.

Fa Fa Fa Fired officially comes out on January 27th via Mama Bird Recording Co.

Ryan Oxford has an album release show in Portland at Mississippi Studio on January 20th along with Courtney Marie Andrews and Nick Delfs.

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