Seance Crasher, the recording project of Portlander Kevin Rafn, debuted in 2013 with “Purity Under Pressure.” The six song EP was an experimental, synth-heavy, oddball pop recording. Since then, Rafn has traveled in more traditional lanes, influenced heavily by classic rock sounds. And with his newest single, “Haymaker,” Rafn perfectly melds those two foundational influences into a slightly funky but entirely sexy pop song.

The track comes from Seance Crasher’s new record, “Gentle Cycle,” which is tentatively set to be released in Winter 2018 and includes contributions from a ton of Portland musicians including Lia Gist (Minden), Papi Fimbres (Máscaras), Eric Phipps (Wampire) and Kaleb Shields (Haste). The album was also mixed by Mike Finn of The Domestics.